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– May 2016 –

We are very excited to have our short film Sunday Afternoon, directed by Nathalie Cusson, featured exclusively (for the month of May) on the online gallery NOWNESS (LVMH group). Fittingly premiering on a Sunday, the film has been well received: “…a beautiful light poem written on bed sheets. Delta of Venus folded, unfolded, folded again.” (Curtis Wehrfritz, Director & visual artist) “Sublime, I love it…” (Raymond Girard, CEO of Spafax Canada & visual artist). We are very proud to be in such good company on a global video channel screening the best in culture.


– May 2016 –

A head hunting and talent search company, Talinko has an original madeup name: TAL for talent, LINK for the link they facilitate and KO [CO] for Company. Not only great sounding, the name contains a combination of letters that is visually balanced. The natural choice was then to make a sophisticated yet assertive-looking mark, with an economy of lines that is barely perceptible. We just received the printed business cards and were so excited that we had to share it with you.


– May 2016 –

Scooter was called on the significant task of being on the jury for the Photography and Illustration Award Annual of Applied Arts. Tough job, but stimulating and inspiring. It made us realize that Canada has nothing to blush about when it comes to talent in the design industry.


– May 2016 –

For the May projection of Kino, Scooter co-directed a short film with Oscar Films. Kino is a movement created as a means of providing filmmakers with a place to create and screen their short-films. Each month, a new challenge is given and all short films submitted are presented before an audience. Take a look at our own version of this month’s challenge: a film about what happens between 2 takes, titled 2 minutes de pause (2-Minute Pause).


You’ve seen some of them in Scooter’s illustration section and you wondered if you could ever get one for your living room? Search no longer! Visit our online gallery of limited edition prints:


– April-May 2016 –

Scooter had fun participating to 36 Days of Type, an Instagram feed by Rafa Goicoechea and Nina Sans, two Barcelona-based designers. For each day of the month (and a few days more) a letter or typographic sign was chosen and designers from around the world submitted their own interpretation. Last year they received between 600-2,000 submissions every day that they then whittled down to about 60, which were featured on their feed. Scooter got a couple in there! (See instagram feed @scooternat)


– March 2016 –

A new member of AIGA, Scooter was recognized with certificates of excellence during the Vermont Design Week at the AIGA Design Awards Show for 4 projects: The California Map (done for Fairmont Magazine); The Baku cover & story for Fairmont Magazine (“Arts on Fire”); St-Laurent Shopping Mall identity (done with Tuxedo Agency); Geary House and The Props, sister identities.

New system to take off


Air Canada will be revealing a new entertainment system on board their new Boeing 787 planes, this coming Spring 2014. Scooter (via Spafax Canada) came up with a visual vocabulary to illustrate the various categories travellers get to choose from: films, food, audiobooks… The images were imagined then created as “illustrative photographs”, photos that are so slick that they become akin to illustrations. The result is a unique, smooth, iconic feel that is both charming and contemporary.
Art direction: Nathalie Cusson; photographer: Michael Crichton; photo editor: Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie; prop styling: Jason MacIsaac.

Mini Mag

– DECEMBER 2013 –

Air Canada’s enRoute Edition cover features the new Montreal’s Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. Edition is a mini version of the inflight magazine enRoute, that plays on the rivalry between the cities of Montreal and Toronto.
Art direction by Nathalie Cusson; Models: Nathalie Cusson and Félix Valmary-Cusson; Photographers: LM Chabot.

Webby Worthy

– MAY 2013 –

Air Canada’s commemorative videos for their 75th anniversary get a prestigious Webby Award. The video series was viewed over 215,000 times online.
Art direction: Nathalie Cusson; photo editor: Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie; Video director: Karim Zariffa Charlebois.
View the videos on Air Canada’s 75th anniversary website.